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25 Nov 2013
        With oil prices rising automobile klom pick gun, how each fuel became owners are most concerned about. In this paper , a collection of several reasons most likely to lead to fuel consumption increases. We look at whether they are often committed , with no change of mien .
        1 . Insufficient tire pressure
       If one day you suddenly find yourself car's fuel consumption rose , the first thing to check is the tire of the vehicle. Check the tire air pressure meets the criteria , the existence of tire wear . Because insufficient tire pressure will lead to increased tire wear and rolling resistance of the tire .
        2 . Frequent braking, start
       Everyone knows that affect fuel consumption in addition to the design of the car and engine and other factors, the real owners of wasteful fuel consumption is driving habits , including frequent braking, emergency start is the biggest cause of increased fuel consumption . There was an experiment with a different driver to drive the car , eventually driving the car novices the measured fuel consumption than the novice driver twice . Good driving habits seen how important it is to save fuel consumption .
        3 low -speed gear
       Driving biggest misunderstanding is the low gear at high speed . It was tested if the three block long-distance high-speed driving , compared with 4 block normal traffic fuel consumption increased by 10% , and if the block instead of 3 with two blocked traffic, fuel consumption will increase . Accordingly, fuel-efficient speed is the key to select the gear car key replacement .


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