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29 Nov 2013

1 Insert the original transponder keys and shift to the 'ON' stop about one second and then pull down.
2.Within 5 seconds insert the first two original car key, and then shift to 'ON', then wait a second, pull down
3.Within 10 seconds to insert a blank key, go to the 'ON', if successful, the red warning light will not flash, it would get.

Remote control circuit board Programming:
1 Open the door of the driver's seat
2 keys to lock the door with the lock on the door once again to unlock
3 put the key in the keyhole
4 Turn the key to ON, then turn back to LOCK, 3 times within 10 seconds, the last stop in the LOCK position
5 closed the door three times, and finally opened the door
6 car this time your computer should react, the performance of the klom pick gun unlock once again
7 on your remote control to any one of the button is pressed twice, the computer should lock the door unlocked once you key unplug the computer will last for a response, which is about four times in a row to lock and unlock the doors, you get it.

Programming a limited number of the remote control can be programmed up to 3, the key can engage 8. If you have a car, then, to understand these things are very necessary.


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