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3 Dec 2013
Let another car when the point is not so eventful ! In fact, basically all the people driving more or less road rage disorder , feel his own legitimate and reasonable , others are SB, are the bad guys, are look for a job , are brain damage . . . This mentality intolerable , of course, want to change it is difficult to get rid of ! Try to think twice about it, lest after the accident regret ! !

Chinese people in their daily lives due to the thousands of years of Chinese civilization steeped in fact, very subtle and very humble very introverted very humble Christine (at least on the surface so you can say is hypocritical it ) , but after I opened the car on the road All those daily tear off the mask , it is not educated , no quality , no humility , no morality, no culture ; vulgar, reckless , degrading , direct , no longer restrained hypocritical , and the Mama , the playing , the phenomenon is really strange , and then the road was inadvertently inserted a file that was not a little or no intention of being a little bit a couple of speakers Akira lights will instantly ignite the passion in mind, back to the subject of the ever burning passion years , then began chasing each other slapstick , verbal abuse , and accused , cursed . . . On the whole everything , but unfortunately it is often a combination of tricks down enough to choke their own gas did not even listen to hear the other side , why then, why bother ! ! !
Take a step backward , courteous about everyone happy , harmonious society understand the point of politeness , not you ! ! ! ! !


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