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31 Dec 2013
car keys broken is almost every driver's worse nightmare. You put your car keys into the lock , turn it on , and there is not a pleasant feeling , half of the keys stuck. Or worse , it ignition off, leave your car, you can not start, can not be locked , unless you have a spare key . Was, and still is, a lot of people, difficult and expensive problem to sort out . With any luck, you might have a spare key , and a garage can be reduced to one or two substitutions and manage to extract the broken
remains critical. In the worst case, you may need to replace locks - we all remember to buy used cars in different keys , sometimes one for the driver's side door , and
another for the other door and a third for the ignition of the load day !

Of course , as technology advances , more importantly is material. In today's world , the mechanical metal bond is much stronger and better design is more difficult to
break than in the past . This means that we are now faced with a new threat - an electronic key or worse , auto key programmer. In some ways, these are certainly on the old system , not least an improvement , because most of them no longer need to put an auto key programmer, it is always one of the easiest places to break . No, with electronic key cards and the biggest question is, in its own way , they are easily damaged . It's very simple , put a key card in your back pocket , I heard a sickening cracking sound , you sit down. Or, as many people do, put your clothes in the washing machine , and a few minutes later with expensive electronic key slowly rotating underwater sight confrontation .


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