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10 Mar 2014
The inspection to the automotive fault is largely depend on the Outil De Diagnostic Auto such as the can clip renault, which has function of read the car trouble codes, clear trouble code and data stream, component testing, maintenance light reset, read the computer version, basic settings and matching adjustment for renault cars. Some automotive fault diagnostic computer could also provide value-added services such as the long-distance diagnosis for car fault, vehicle maintenance data, fault code table, management of customer files, business functions and so on. From these descriptions, we could find that the manufacture for the obd2 tools such as the which is a brand for reliable auto maintenance devices in China for many years has paid more attention to the function varieties of the Outil De Diagnostic Auto.

The knowledge from the website would teach us that there are two main types of automotive fault diagnostic computer and automobile link mode which are wired and wireless. The Wired type is that the people connect the diagnostic computer and automotive diagnostic seat by the diagnostic connector and link lines. The wireless type has eliminating the need for the middle of the link line. The wireless transmitter device connected to the diagnostic socket location and the diagnostic computer connect to receive the device. As we all know, the usual wireless device is the Bluetooth device.

According to the manufacturer's configuration and measurement models, the automotive fault diagnostic computer could be divided into three types which are dedicated, comprehensive and original instrument. The dedicated automotive fault diagnostic computer only work for the set model. The original diagnostic computer can only operate for their own models from the automobile factory. The majority of the repairers in the repairing market use the integrated automotive fault diagnostic computer. And this kind of testing equipment is generally produced by the professional fault diagnosis computer enterprise.

In order to pass the Automotive Diagnosis seat to have communication with car ECU host computer, automotive fault diagnostic computer must follow the relevant standards and protocols such as obd2. From the information of the website of, we could know more about that the obd2 is the most traditional and efficiency standard and system for the Outil De Diagnostic Auto such as the can clip renault.


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