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14 May 2014
I think many people may know obd2 code readers can be used on obd2 (also stand for on-board diagnostic version 2) systems equipped in all cars which manufactured after 1996. Some GM models started obd2 system in 1995. Obd2 standardizes the location and plugs application of the car's computerized system, which simplified the equipment required and the diagnosis time. The first generation obd2 scanners were very expensive and more complex to use because they required different data chips for deferent car models. The pocket OBD code readers today require no data chips and are much more affordable for the home mechanic.

You'll Need obd2 code reader, Operating manual for code reader and Car owner's manual for this job.

Firstly, Open the...

1 May 2014
I share a funny story with my dear friends.

This afternoon, a female car driver took her Citroen 16V to my garage. The driver told me that her car was not able to accelerate over 60 miles an hour when she was about to pick up her child from school.

I tried to learn more about the car, but the driver did not know it well. And I had to check the car on my own. It seemed that there were a lot of problems with the vehicle–it was obvious that its trouble light on the dashboard was illuminated and its belt was squeaking. After I connected an obd2 tool, PP2000/Lexia-3 V47 to troubleshoot the car, I got several fault codes, indicating to oxygen sensor problem, timing belt fault and intake pressure problem.

According to the driver, it was a...

28 Apr 2014
The obd2 scanning tools are a must-have for any passionate and responsible car owner. Even though on-board diagnostics (OBD) have been around for some time, many people do not know they even exist until they see the check engine light or the oil warning light on the dashboard. And while the OBD does let you know something is amiss, it does not tell you much more than that; so turn these very useful resources to diagnose the issue: obd2 scanning tools.

Difference Between an obd2 Code Reader and an obd2 Scan Tool
It is important to note that there is a difference between a simple code reader and an obd2 scanning tool. An code reader works the same way but all it will do is look for those codes that your vehicle's PCM might have stored. It...

15 Apr 2014
It is always great to add something extra to your car. How many times it happened that you came our running from a shopping mall because you have heard some car has caught fire outside.

You wondered if it was yours. When one is in hurry, it is almost impossible to recognize one's car. In such an emergency, one needs to install some tools like valise clip to get to know what the problem is. This is a story of some car owners below.

They need to have this software so that in the time of problem, they can diagnose the fault, and, if possible, repair the damage by themselves. As we all know it is only your uniqueness that saves you and your company in this jungle of market. People have learned this lesson long before Charles Darwin taught the...

28 Mar 2014
Modern vehicles released in the automotive industry are getting more sophisticated as they pack more complex technology. In contrast, classic vehicles were typically easy to work on and maintain in the sense that you just had to know the basics. Today, with all the bells and whistles on the latest vehicles around it's nearly impossible for ordinary car owner to spot anything specific in the event that they experience any technical issues regarding their vehicle. That may be a convenient option especially if you don't know about auto repairs but it is certainly a costly one. There's also the problem regarding several technicians taking advantage of car owners who really have no clue how their vehicle's work. Thus finding an honest...

21 Mar 2014
Anything will happen no matter how much effort you do with your car if you are applying wrong solutions to automotive problems. So to spare yourself from trouble, automotive mechanics recommend that you do automotive diagnostic before doing anything to your vehicle.

Now, to do an automotive diagnostic, you should have an Outil De Diagnostic Auto. The obd2 tools include engine analyzer, smoke machines, lab scopes, multimeters, and digital timing lights. But for those who do not want to get themselves dirty, yet they want to know what's wrong with their car, there is an addition to these abovementioned obd2 diagnostic tools that you will surely like. Mechanics and auto repair shop owners have been using this Outil De Diagnostic Auto...

18 Mar 2014
We probably have all been involved in a breakdown of a vehicle at one point or another in our lives. It may not have been our vehicle but all the same we know what it feels like to be broken down and maybe even stranded. We all should have to learn more about vehicles and how they run before we drive but the reality is that most of us know how to drive the vehicle and that is it.

At times when your vehicle stops running and you are not sure what is wrong when Outil De Diagnostic Auto come in handy. This is the times when we learn the advantages of having these obd2 tools with us at all times. When you are parked a long side of the road and you are staring under the hood at the engine and you are clueless as in what the problem is you...

10 Mar 2014
The inspection to the automotive fault is largely depend on the Outil De Diagnostic Auto such as the can clip renault, which has function of read the car trouble codes, clear trouble code and data stream, component testing, maintenance light reset, read the computer version, basic settings and matching adjustment for renault cars. Some automotive fault diagnostic computer could also provide value-added services such as the long-distance diagnosis for car fault, vehicle maintenance data, fault code table, management of customer files, business functions and so on. From these descriptions, we could find that the manufacture for the obd2 tools such as the which is a brand for reliable auto maintenance devices in China for many...

7 Mar 2014
The obd2 tool works in conjunction with the obd2 software installed in your car. OBD software is meant to detect the malfunction of your car engine and other systems in your car. It relays the information, to the onboard computer which is in a position to show you clearly where the problem is, making the work easy since you are able to know where the problem is rather than experiencing car engine break down in the middle of the highway. The Outil De Diagnostic Auto is in a position to tell you whether this gadget is in good condition.

The obd2 tool is used in cars that use the obd2 software, therefore before installing it in your car you should be sure of the type of OBD software installed in your car. It is a more advanced gadget than...

6 Mar 2014
With the increasing complexity of modern automobiles in recent years, most professional repair shops and garages now require Outil De Diagnostic Auto to find out any problem with an engine or engine control system. Then they can decide how to carry out the repairing process. Good an Outil De Diagnostic Auto will help you get twice the result with half the effort.

The obd2 tools that available to diagnose and scan problems of various car models are mass. The key step for timely and efficient repair is to spot the detailed problems exactly. The best-known manufacturer of Outil De Diagnostic Auto is counter to make a series of tools with the highest quality and best price. A wide range is available to mechanics to address any work to come...