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31 Dec 2013
car keys broken is almost every driver's worse nightmare. You put your car keys into the lock , turn it on , and there is not a pleasant feeling , half of the keys stuck. Or worse , it ignition off, leave your car, you can not start, can not be locked , unless you have a spare key . Was, and still is, a lot of people, difficult and expensive problem to sort out . With any luck, you might have a spare key , and a garage can be reduced to one or two substitutions and manage to extract the broken
remains critical. In the worst case, you may need to replace locks - we all remember to buy used cars in different keys , sometimes one for the driver's side door , and
another for the other door and a third for the ignition of the load day !


21 Dec 2013
For most general cars, the most contact are an ordinary metal key . a key lost is usual thing, the reason we all know, but lost the key how to do, not every car owner knows of it. And general Latchkey different car with a key issue as it involves theft of the vehicle , not just make a model similar to the original metal key can solve the problem (if so , it is very unwise to drive out of ) . Currently all vehicle manufacturers have developed a rigorous keyless open door and match car keys with auto key programmer of the key processes to its service sector.

If you can not enter the vehicle after the key loss, first verify the spare key is able to enter the vehicle, if we can get a spare key , you can spare keys in the car , and opened to...