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29 Nov 2013

1 Insert the original transponder keys and shift to the 'ON' stop about one second and then pull down.
2.Within 5 seconds insert the first two original car key, and then shift to 'ON', then wait a second, pull down
3.Within 10 seconds to insert a blank key, go to the 'ON', if successful, the red warning light will not flash, it would get.

Remote control circuit board Programming:
1 Open the door of the driver's seat
2 keys to lock the door with the lock on the door once again to unlock
3 put the key in the keyhole
4 Turn the key to ON, then turn back to LOCK, 3 times within 10 seconds, the last stop in the LOCK position
5 closed the door three times, and finally opened the door
6 car this time your computer should react, the performance of the

23 Nov 2013

Two months ago, I got a transponder key programmer ND900 from my friend Jimmy. Yesterday, I have surfed online to find about its information, here I concluded its ten features and functions with you.


ND900 is designed to keep pace with the evolution of transponder keys. It can copy 4D61, 4D62, 4D63, 4D64, 4D65, 4D66, 4D67, 4D68 and 4D69 chip, and can copy 4C chip directly. Ten features of ND900 as follow:


1.       Ability to copy all fixed transponders;

2.       Enable to copy most of crypto transponders;

3.       Show all transponders information;

4.       Calculate eeprom logics from transponder memory;

5.       Calculate transponder logics from eeprom logics;

6.       Calculate...